It isn’t so hard to live the dream with your very own DIY home automation system. It may take some research and a bit of elbow grease, but that effort will get you well on your way toward living a life of greater comfort and convenience. In today’s home automation market, there are a number of options to choose from, but here we will discuss a few that you may want to consider adding to your home automation project this year.

Lighting Control

House Night 179061993Imagine being able to control all the lighting in your home from one access panel, or having it automatically turn on when you open your door or command it by saying, “Lights on!” While some of the most sophisticated home automation technology may be out of the hands of the DIY diehard, it is possible to wire your own lighting system to respond to more automated control, whether from a central panel, your smart phone, or your movement.

There some lighting hardware out there that is made to sync with different smart phone apps that will allow you to control your lighting from remote access. Isn’t that neat? Imagine returning home late at night and being able to turn your outside and entryway lights on before even getting out of your car. That provides not only convenience, but safety as well. This kind of automated lighting is also great for parties or other events occurring at your home. It’s also incredibly useful for the disabled who may have a difficult time making rounds to light switches.

You can also find a number of lights that are motion sensor activated. These lights will turn on automatically when movement is detected within a certain range, making them work great for outdoor and entryway lighting. This is another feature that could prove incredibly useful for the disabled or elderly.

Temperature Control

Household energy usage meter 186796121Did you know that there are smart thermostats out there that can provide you remote access to your home temperatures? Automated thermostats like these are becoming more and more popular because they provide greater comfort and security for homeowners who may be leaving children, pets, or valuables at home for long periods of time. They are also ideal for homeowners who live in areas that experience extreme forms of weather in either sweltering heat or freezing cold. Being able to remotely view and control in-home temperatures can prevent all sorts of problems, including freezing pipes, sick pets, and spoiled goods. Some of these thermostats are even interactive and can learn from your habits, while others are largely targeted toward saving and conserving energy. These smart thermostats have “away” modes that cause them to drop in-home temperatures to energy-saving  levels while you’re away from home. This conserved energy is not only eco-friendly, but it also saves money in your energy bills. Most of these automated thermostats can be found either online or at home improvement stores, and they tend to be easy to install.

Entry Control

Another highly convenient form of automation is entry control. Imagine coming home from the grocery store while no one else is home and rather than going through the difficulty of trying to open the door while your hands and arms are full of bags, all you do is push a button on your mobile device before leaving the car, and it automatically opens your front door, making way for you and your goods. These entry devices can be fairly easily installed into most entry doors, and once again, they can be of great benefit to the disabled and elderly. Some of these devices even come with remote controls that can be kept on hand to automatically open doors, saving energy and unnecessary finagling.