If you have decided to install a DIY wired home security system, you may have discovered that there are numerous options out there for devices and alarms that you can choose to include. Every home security system needs to have a certain set of alarms to keep their home, including environmental alarms and burglar alarms. Here we’ll give a quick overview of some of the alarms you should install with you DIY security system.

Environmental Alarms

Firefighters at burning fire flame on wooden house roof 178868697Every home should have smoke detectors installed on each floor of the house. Why? Believe it or not, house fires are often more common than home invasions, and you want to ensure that your family is safe from such an environmental threat. Fires can also be incredibly damaging to your property, costing thousands of dollars in repairs, and that’s even if your home is salvageable after the potential water damage incurred from putting out the fire. Unfortunately, these fires are usually started due to overheated or malfunctioning appliances, and never at convenient or expected times. Installing smoke detectors in your home can save lives.

CO detectors are also invaluable. They help ensure that the air in your home is free of excess Carbon Monoxide, which could be potentially deadly. CO poisoning is known as the “silent killer,” and it can happen due to many of the same reasons mentioned above. Any heating appliance, such as a kitchen appliance or a water heater, has the potential to give off this noxious gas, so in order to be safe, it’s best to install one of these near each smoke detector in your home.

Flood detectors are incredible devices that may not necessarily save lives, but they can certainly save you money, and at times, some of your health. Modern interior in Insurance case 99318675Flood detectors are little devices that you can place in areas near water pipes, such as in your bathrooms, your kitchen, your laundry room, and near your sump pump. These devices monitor the amount of moisture around them and will set off an alarm when a certain excess amount is detected in the area. This can help prevent water damage before it starts, which damage could otherwise cause integrity loss of building or furniture structure as well as the growth of dangerous molds that can adversely affect the health of residents.

Burglar Alarms

Never underestimate the power of some good door and window contacts. These devices use quite simple circuitry to sound alarms whenever doors or windows are opened while they’re armed. Sounding alarms will quickly deter most burglars from continuing their break-in, and they will quickly alert you to the possibility of danger.Burglar trying to pry open window on house 78461254 You can find numerous varieties of contacts at home improvement stores, ranging from surface mount contacts to embedded frame contacts. Surface mount contacts are just mounted to the surface of your door or window, easily visible and noticeable. Embedded contacts take a little bit more work to mount, as they are embedded within the frame of a door or window, making them hidden and less noticeable, if visible at all.

Motion detectors such as ultrasound sensors, PIR detectors, and photo detectors are another great way to deter burglars. Some of these can be placed outside your home to warn you to the presence of an intruder before they even make it to your door, while others can be placed simply in one area to prevent little hands from playing with valuables or collectibles. Either way, motion detectors can make a great addition to your home security system.