If you’re looking for some easy, budget-friendly home security tips, you may have a lot of ideas in mind for the inside of your home, but what about the outside of your home? The way that your yard is laid out could actually make a large difference in your home security and so could the defenses that you have set up outside your home, before the potential intruder even makes it to the door. Here are a few great home security tips that can help you convert your outdoor property into a security buffer.

Landscaping and Hardscaping

Would you believe that the way you do your landscaping and hardscaping could have a great effect on how easy it is to break into your home? First off, criminals prefer to trespass and enter as unseen as possible. White contemporary house exterior 177102515If you have large hedges that obstruct the full view of your property, you may be making it easier for a criminal to move about undetected. If you have front windows or windows on the first floor of your house, make sure that they are totally clear of brush or hedges. You want any potential intruder to feel naked and obvious on your property rather than easily hidden among your obstacle course of greenery.

Hardscaping can also play a great factor. You may already have a cement walkway to your door, but have you ever considered a cobbled walkway? What about a gravel one? Cobbled walkways are just a tad noisier than sidewalks, making it easier to identify the sound of someone walking up to your door. If you want to make it really impossible for someone to sneak up on you, try graveling or pebbling your walkway, and you will be able to hear anyone approaching from as far as the end of your drive.

PIR Detectors

Before you automatically rule out the possibility of putting a motion detector outdoors, consider PIR detectors. These don’t sense movement, they sense heat. Most modern PIR detectors are programmed to even let smaller critters go by unnoticed, mainly being affected by the presence of human heat so as to avoid false alarms. Try placing one of these sensors near your places of entry and you’ll be warned to an intruder before they even set foot in your home.

Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are a quick scare to most potential burglars, but even if their hidden, catching a crime in the act will go a long way toward helping you get justice in the event of a break-in while you’re away from home. Mcameras-160997702any security cameras these days can also be connected to your mobile device so that you can check your feed while you’re gone. Some cameras have PIR sensors attached to them that will automatically trigger recording when human presence is detected. It can even be programmed to alert you on your mobile device the moment recording is triggered, which can give you enough time to notify local authorities of an intruder before anything is broken or stolen.


Lighting can also make a big difference in whether or not your home is considered “easy pickings.” 200171288-001Burglars want to go unseen, so outdoor lighting can be a quick deterrent. Motion sensor lighting is a great way to scare off intruders easily, and it will also automatically turn on for you and provide you safer passage if you’re arriving home late or after dark. The one disadvantage to motion sensor lighting is that it can be prone to false alarms because of outside critters or movement. Look for lighting that uses PIR sensors that are calibrated to only engage in the presence of human heat, and you won’t have that problem. Otherwise, daylight sensitive lighting is another great alternative, as it will automatically turn on when the sun sets. The downside to this is the drain on your electricity bill from having a light on all night, but it may be worth it if it acts as an effective burglar deterrent.

Don’t let your home be the easy hit! With some or all of these measures in place, a burglar would have no way to easily approach your home without being seen. Let your property line be your first line of defense, and you may find that no burglar will ever make it to your door.